A Decision

So, before Unfundamentalist moved and started its own website, it was a part of the Patheos website, listed along with other Christian and religious blogs.  I’ve had my writings published on Patheos before, under the Unfundamentalist banner, but submitted them directly to the new site once they moved away from Patheos. Patheos, according to Wikipedia, […]

When the Bottom Drops Out

The most important insight, I believe, the post-modern offers is the idea that the meta-narratives we inhabit cannot be proven true by empirical/scientific methods or indubitable foundations.  Whether one is a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Secular Humanist, Atheist or Agnostic, whatever has brought one to that place, the reasons one believes his meta-narrative/world-view to be true, […]

Moving On

There is a song (below) that is probably the soundtrack to my departure out of the funda-gelical (FG) world. For all those out there, whether it be the toxic spiritual/religious narrative you inhabit, or job, relationship, marriage, church home, friendship, social media environment, political party, denomination—whatever it may be—I offer this song to you. Sometimes […]