I am writing about my journey out of the Christian fundamentalist/evangelical world in a public way. I won’t necessarily be writing about that journey in an auto-biographical sense, although I may at times, if it’s pertinent. It is more about noting what I am learning as I continue to make my way out of that world–the contrasts I now see from this divergence, this parting of the ways.

I will also critique that world and hopefully offer a better way.

On a more personal note, I have served as the lead pastor in an evangelical church. Prior to college and seminary, I’ve worked as a Christian camp counselor and youth leader; I’ve served on a worship team, playing guitar; I’ve served as a deacon and elder; and, at one time or another, I’ve served in most volunteer roles common to evangelical churches.  I note this only to say: I speak the language–I am very familiar with the fundamentalist/evangelical world. I grew up in that world.

I am a graduate of the University of San Francisco and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (Now Gateway). I am presently part of a wonderful and beautiful gathering of Christians who meet in a private home. My wife and I live in Northern California and I now work in the private sector.

I have actually been blogging since 2008, but that was a more private blog arising out of a conversation between me and an atheist I met one day (and we still talk!). This effort is new and I actually see it as a ministry of sorts. I hope I can help speak to those still in the fundamentalist world (and even parts of the evangelical world), who know there is something wrong with that world, something that doesn’t quite line up with the Jesus they encounter in the Gospels or their experience.  I write for those who are searching and restless.

My theological leanings now are a hybrid mix of Eastern Orthodoxy/Anglican/Reformed. Yes, I live on the bridge, betwixt and between. I’m sort of homeless and in exile, if you will. Perhaps you are too. If so, I hope you find my writing helpful and encouraging. You are not alone.

Darrell L.