Last Post (here anyway)

As noted in my previous post, I am now blogging at Patheos.  I hope the same people who have followed this blog will follow me to Patheos, continue reading, interacting, and sharing my writing with others they think may benefit.

I also noted I would continue writing in a more personal and subjective bent and I will do that at Patreon (more about that below).

On Patreon I will write with a view toward the more contemplative, spiritual, and personal.  It will be more eclectic and random.  It will be shorter items but I’m still hoping to post something weekly.

I should also point out that Patreon is basically a site for people to support those who create, whether writing or in other forms.  Before the modern consumerist and capitalist mindset those in the arts were supported by patronage (see here).  Kings, Popes, and the wealthy would support creators knowing that art and beauty were necessary for the flourishing of civilization and the common good.

This also allowed creators to work without bringing marketing factors into the equation as far as wondering will this “sell,” with this be “profitable,” and will I get “paid” for this.  It allowed the freedom to be true and authentic without worrying about whether being such might lead to poverty.

The only thing any financial support would provide is more time for me to research, reflect, and write.  Time is the problem for most of us.  Financial support would create more time for me to write both on Patheos and Patreon—it would support both.

If anyone feels so inclined, there is a “become a patron” feature on Patreon that will take one through the process of how to become a patron.

Whether anyone becomes a patron or not, I appreciate any readers and write for both, regardless.

Most importantly, I write for myself and as part of my spiritual journey.  However, I also see it as a ministry and as projecting a voice for this time, our time.  Thus, it is for myself and others.

Thanks for coming along.

The link to my Patreon page is here, along with my latest post.  Please bookmark or save the link to my Patreon page for future reference.