A New Direction

So, my blog is now live at Patheos (see here).  There are some glitches to work out (like the misspelling of my name), but there it is.  There is a lot I like about Patheos and other aspects I do not.  I could, of course, say that about almost any media platform.  If it allows my writing to reach a wider audience (hopefully, positively), then I’m willing to give it a shot.

Here is what I would ask of any regular reader: Please sign up for the “follow” section on my Patheos blog so you receive any new post.  Also, please read or “view” each post as they come out (probably once a week, like now).  If you are moved by or like anything I write, please share it further on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.  I am compensated by views and “traffic” on my posts.  This would help me tremendously; plus it does push my writing out further and further.  I would greatly appreciate any efforts on your part in this regard.  Thank you- in advance.

My posts on Patheos are certainly going to be more sober and serious commentary regarding our current cultural, political, and religious moment.  I think fundamentalism is toxic and hurtful—destructive.  I think we are in one of those moments much like in the 30s or 60s where those of us too young, often wonder what we would have done and said in those times.  Well, what are we doing and saying now?  I don’t want to look back and regret not speaking up.  This is our time—this is our moment.  Act, speak.

I do know some were not keen on the idea of me going to Patheos.  Thus, for other more random musings and contemplative thoughts regarding my personal journey and other areas, I’m starting a new blog.  I will give everyone the link when it’s set up.  On that blog I will write for a narrower audience; it will be more eclectic and include theology, philosophy, movie reviews, book reviews, poetry, and other random musings and thoughts (although, frankly, those may appear on Patheos too).  Still, it will be much more personal and subjective.

My hope is that any readers will follow and read both (or neither; or one), but I leave that to you.  Thank you for your patience with me as I journey and find my way in all this; again, I appreciate each and every one of you.


A Poem:

The Homeless

Does my suffering bother you; do I cause you pain or fear?

Does my presence make you wish you could hide or disappear?

Does my failure make you feel better or are you ashamed of me?

Does my body darken the sky or cause the sun to flee?

You have a shelter true, but less it is, somehow, because of me.

All this I feel, and yet no one will tell me.  What is my crime?  I wish I could fall into the cracks; I wish the earth would swallow me whole, no more pain.

And then you could go on, without bother or strain.

We will meet again one day though, upon that plane,

And I hope we then can share our pain.

Walk over my grave now and be well,

I hope our failures will meet, one day, at that last bell,

In a love and a forgiveness that will keep us from hell.