Love, Justice, and The End of Days

Most evangelicals headed toward pastoral ministry, at some point, are asked to sit for what is called an ordination council.  Normally this happens after graduating from seminary or Bible college.  The purpose is ordination.  If the council grants their “amen” there is usually a follow-up ordination service and this person is then “ordained” to the […]

The Earth is the Holy Land

What are we to make of the US moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?  While members of the Trump administration, in their nice clothes and bright smiles (see here), stood with Israeli officials, just across the way over 50 Palestinians, including children, were killed. But what are their lives worth, when “biblical prophecy” […]

Jesus the Imagination

Michael Martin (see here) is the editor/creator of a new journal entitled “Jesus the Imagination.”  Two volumes have been published so far.  It is a wonderful journal. Dr. Martin explains its purpose: “Our intention is not altogether modest: the regeneration of Christian art and culture.” Dr. Martin was kind enough to accept one of my […]

A Decision

So, before Unfundamentalist moved and started its own website, it was a part of the Patheos website, listed along with other Christian and religious blogs.  I’ve had my writings published on Patheos before, under the Unfundamentalist banner, but submitted them directly to the new site once they moved away from Patheos. Patheos, according to Wikipedia, […]